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Chambray Shirts, Dresses & Skirts - 2012/2013

Chambray has made a comeback in the year 2012, and is a very popular emerging trend this season. While most people don't really know what the word "chambray" means, Is Chambray Denim?, chances are that we have come across this fabric without even knowing it. 

Chambray Meaning : Chambray is a fabric that resembles the denim material from which our jeans are made of. However, unlike denim, which can be hard and rough at times, chambray has a very soft and smooth texture to it.

It is lighter than denim and is easily sewn into shirts and other pieces of clothing. It is very versatile and can be worn in the summer or in the winter. This trend is one that pretty much anyone can follow ! Have fun Chambraying

Chambray Clothes for Men & Women

Chambray Shirts for Men and Women
THE CHAMBRAY SHIRT - This is perhaps one of the most utilitarian pieces that you can have in your wardrobe. It is usually blue, but doesn't have to be. Also, it does not have to be plain, a nice printed chambray shirt also looks lovely. You can choose a print like floral- which is also in trend for this season. For the most part, we are talking here about a regular button down shirt. 

You can pair it with pretty much anything, and thats why a chambray functions as one of those on the go sort of pieces. Whether you pair it with a faux leather leggings, skinny jeans, a skirt, or over a dress- you really cannot go wrong with a chambray shirt. 

The thing to keep in mind is that its best to buy a chambray shirt that is not tight and constrictive. Its better to buy one that fits you loosely and you can pair it with a chunky/skinny belt to cinch your waist. Fit is of importance here. 

Chambray Blouse
CHAMBRAY BLOUSE - This is another great peice to have if you wish to be ordained into the chambray trend, but don't want to go with the traditional chambray shirt. It doesn't have to be plain, you can get one that is printed. Again, there can be color variations. You can wear this with a nice knee length skirt or some casual pants.

Chambray Dresses for women
CHAMBRAY DRESSES - If comfort is what you are seeking- get yourself a chambray dress. This creates a casual yet very put together look that can be approprtiate for not only your everyday schedule, but also you can pair it with some nice heels and for for a lunch date.

The soft texture of the chambray allows you to relax without feeling overly tight or done up, yet the appearance is chic and classy. Again you can get a chambray shift dress, ruffle dress, sheath dress, maxi dress, or any other one that you find most suited to your needs.

CHAMBRAY JACKET - This is a great way to go on a tangent and experiment with something different. Rather than doing a regular jacket or blazer in leather or corduroy, if you wish to go for a more relaxed look then a chambray jacket is the way to go. You can go for a fitted blazer to get a more polished look, or you can go for something a little more casual.

Chambray Long Jacket

CHAMBRAY SKIRT - If you enjoy wearing skirts, then a chambray skirt is a must have in your closet. Not enough can be said about how comfortable and relaxed a chambray skirt can make you feel. For those days when you just want to be casual yet still look like you put in some effort, a chambray skirt can be lovely. A vintage floral chambray skirt is an interesting way to be part of the chambray fashion trend for 2012.


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